Jesus did claim to be God and they killed Him for it!

He also called the Pharisees “Ye are Gods ’to whom the word of the Lord comes” ….

God also said to Moses; “And you shall be AS God to them” …. actually leveling Moses up with Himself;

If in fact we, who are created in His image; which is we small ’spirits’… having been made One/one with the Holy Spirit , then we also are ‘gods’ to whom the word of the Lord has come!

Little spirits, joined to the Holy Spirit!

(I pray your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved)

So there you have it! God made one with His creation!

The unseen God is now manifested in the Sons that God might be ALL and IN ALL!

See PDF “Did Jesus Claim To Be God

Post via Linda Bunting July 1st 2018.

What thoughts came to mind as you read the post?

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