Romans by Norman Grubb

Notes from Norman

By Norman P. Grubb

In fact we have some famous occasions in our own Worldwide Evangelization Crusade to which I belong, where one famous country was opened up to the Gospel. We had only one missionary in it. Twenty years ago, we had three young men and one young woman go out. It was a West African pastorate. It was an independent nation. It use to be called Portuguese Guinea, but it now called Guinea Bissau. It is a small land in the bend of West Africa. The three young men were landed in the country. You couldn’t send a single woman in with three young men. So, she remained on an island, called Cape Verdi about a week’s journey out from the mainland in the Atlantic. The three young men became frightened when the war broke out and they thought the Germans might come because the Germans were fighting for West Africa to take it over. So, they went back to England, leaving that precious calling they had and that one woman. I was in charge of the mission at home in those days, so I sent this young woman fare to come home. I had picked her up in the slum area of London. She was a servant in the East End Café. They called her Napy. She had caught the vision and gave herself to the Lord and said, “Can I be a missionary?” I said, “The Holy Ghost makes the missionary, Bessie, not education.” She was so sharp that she trained herself to learn Greek and Hebrew. She had the Holy Spirit and so she went out as a missionary. 

When these three young men deserted and she was alone there on the island, I did the only thing I could do. I cabled her, “Bessie in this condition the only thing you can do is come home. The fare is ready for you.” The answer I got from her was, “Dear Mr. Grubb, I write to you with respect, but I have to remind you that it wasn’t you who sent me out. It was the Lord Who sent me out. I am waiting to hear what the Lord has to say.” And then, three weeks later, I got a letter saying, “Despite fears and absurdities I am to go alone in the land.” So, she went and she expounded the Word of the Gospel. The Gospel work in Portuguese Guinea today is traced to her all over the place. She remained there several years and then came home on furlough and married one of our missionaries. Then the two of them went back together there. So, that is where we have got the motto in our mission, “The woman is the man to do it.” So, we give plenty respect to women.

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