James by Norman Grubb part 2

Notes from Norman

By Norman P. Grubb

The hidden secret of the letter and its real point is, that his hearers have to find out what the secret is of which he speaks as “the perfect law of liberty.” An unusual phrase, nowhere else to be found in the scriptures. In Chapter 1:25 says, “Who looketh into the perfect law of liberty.” Perfect! His letter of perfection which he has left for the moment, but he continues to go back to the perfection. 

So he is presenting us with perfect Christian living. He speaks once again of being judged by “The perfect law of liberty. Chapter 2: 12. He speaks about that in terms as being the Royal Law according to scripture, “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. This is the top of all scriptural laws. He means that this law is the normal form of operation. All life is law. We are in the liberty of that law when we are functioning normally. There are certain ways laws operate and we are part of those laws. As we happily function in them we are in the law of liberty”. The whole Universe is Law because God is Law. 

There are these hidden background secrets to law that do not 
come out in James, when we say that all is law. We say the law is the way things work. The law of our bodies is the way our bodies work, while, we are reasonably fit, we are in harmony, and we are in liberty because we are expressing the law of our body. As our body functions on the ordinary level, that is the “law of liberty” in our body. 

The “Law of Liberty” of The Universe is THE PERSON, Who is LOVE. The whole Universe is ONE PERSON, WHO IS LOVE. That is the law of the Universe. The whole Universe is a PERSON operating everything in love, everything in perfection (if the Universe is imperfect, operating to restore it). So the Ultimate is a vast Universe of acting love, loving one another. That is the Ultimate Universe in which we participate. 

So we are in the law, when we are expressions of God who is love. When our human spirit has become united with His Spirit, it is really He by us or He as us. We are in the “law of liberty”, because we are then expressions of Him, Who is love, and we are love and that is liberty. That’s the hidden secret of the ‘law of liberty.” He speaks of it as a law because he wanted to get it practiced (He talks about ‘practice). 

He was a man who discussed the “outer forms”. The “outer” shell of life, Christian behavior. So he used the law because that is how the law operated, producing Christian behavior. When we, as person (human), are expressing God, we show it by “outer” forms of love, which is the “law of liberty”. So he calls it law, he did it in the forms of love other than the principle of love that is the difference. Behind the functioning of love is the principle of love. Unless you are in the principle of love you cannot express the functioning of love. The principle of love is this hidden union. This is the secret which he doesn’t mention which is the whole basis.

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