James by Norman Grubb part 3

Notes from Norman

By Norman P. Grubb

His whole problem is how to face the double in life? We are not double, we are one. The whole of his letter consists of being confronted with apparent doubles. How do you handle your doubles, your inconsistencies, and your opposites? He is talking to believers. The truth is we are not double, we are one. That is the secret. We have to know that we understand what it is to be one, function as one and that absorbs the double. The double is only something that sparks up the one, like the negative sparks the positive. So the invasion of the double sparks up the affirmation and operation as a single, God expressed by me in the right form, single, the true form, the love form. That is what the basis of this letter is. 

Really James speaking here of “perfect”. Speaking of perfection is God expressed by me, so I am an expression of God.” That is perfection which is love. All his letter is perfection. 

He is evidently writing “as we say to all God’s people”, to people who don’t know or don’t show much sign of knowing “that union.” That is what we are talking about “that Union Life”. It is rarely known. Most people are living in this dual, “There’s God, here am I. How can God help me to life, to resist what I can’t resist?” Here we are back in Romans 7. A separate outlook instead of a unified outlook. We all know that this is the second stage. 

Then he brings out all the negative all the way through; the imperfections. “What am I going to do about this? What about that?” He is implying for us to find out. Here and there out pops the secret, which we see all along here, which is the union. This is it; he doesn’t tell you how to get there except by implication. He lets other people do that. He just presents the problems, the opposites, and says “Go to it” because it is a letter of faith. It is “how to operate by faith”, but a faith which works. He is the one who brings this out. 

Faith is something which produces goods. It works. Like our being here. We are here by faith, which means we are living here. Our faith operates by being part of the family her Faith isn’t only that I’ll come here, I’ll accept, and I’ll go, it is our being here. We are living the life in relation to this week-end. Considering our being here and functioning as two different ways of functioning. Functioning is faith and faith is functioning. Faith is works. This is the “coping” stone of James, on the “Outer” line, the operating of life. This is faith that works in the “real” operations of life. Faith is works, if it isn’t works it isn’t faith. This is one of his great statements, so it is a faith letter.

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