Understanding Soul and Spirit – Major Key 1

As led by the Spirit, meditate and chew on Fred’s precise explanation to understand soul and Spirit.

Voice in the Wilderness

Understanding Soul and Spirit – Major Key 

Part One: A Concise Summary

 By Fred Pruitt

(Understanding this issue is a major key in knowing “how” we work, and “why” we experience the ups and downs of life in the “soul.” It is the key to understanding intercession as well as our consciousness of walking in the Spirit. This is a short summary of the subject, followed in the next article with a more detailed look at these things.)

Taken from a letter to a friend:

Yes, we do “discern” soul and body from spirit. It struck me in considering what you said, how the Bible in a sense gives us the “parts,” and then it’s up to the Spirit in us to make it a “whole.” When we first were taught soul/spirit discernment, it was as we were in shop class learning how the parts of an automobile go…

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What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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