“He Saved Others” – A Response

Here are two responses I got: 
“Love is its own reward, isn’t it . . .?”
“….. And in the seeing and unfolding of reconciliation in each and every person we share the exquisite joy He experienced before and after the cross …… “Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross.”  Really, it’s a continual and deep everlasting joy as He continues to die daily in us to redeem others.  It’s total love of the Father being deeply satisfied within us.  What a privilege!!!  Earthly joys pale in comparison but some are maybe a microcosm of His joy, e.g., take the old westerns when the villain is redeemed …. Collectively we all rejoice in our hearts temporarily but that’s tied to emotion which is great but fleeting.  Closer to the Father’s joy  is when we’ve invested our own death in an unredeemed person and we see that moment in his eyes when it dawns on him that he is loved and worth dying for.  We cannot help but rejoice for and with him.   The painful fracture has been repaired and wholeness has been restored.” 

What thoughts came to mind as you read the post?

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