From faith to faith in a Prius

Since March 7th, I have been away in Japan on a mission trip again.

But instead of being focused on the gospel, I have found my mind wandering more towards considering what form future nomadic life will take on.

At first I thought the equity from the house sale would be enough for a tiny home, but looks like the house will go for less because a quick sale is desired by my partner, and on investigation, tiny homes start at $35k on up so that’s out of my reach and I do not have a truck to drive one about anyway.

Thankfully I have a small but frugal Prius C. Thank God I have a car!

I looked around for states that are tiny home friendly and found few are and most are not.

California, Washington, Colorado, Florida maybe, but the Midwest definitely is not.

I’ve started to see how people are living full time on the road in modified vans and in their cars, and Prius’s specifically.

I am sure that as I travel by faith and continue sharing the Gospel and encouraging the body to recognize Christ’s ever living presence in us as us, the body will support me with a night here or there.

The guidance offered us as in Luke 10:1-10 still works.

It is my nature in this transition season to consider the what-if’s too.

While the faith I have in God’s power to restore hearts, minds and bodies in others, by faith I accept it in in my own mind.

By faith I now apply it to the practicality of living day-to-day by faith without a permanent home.

One inspiring Prius-dweller story is offered in the video above.

After watching several prius-dweller stories I’m going to have to trade my low mileage bright Habinajo orange Prius C in for a more discreet dark grey or blue colored Prius.

Alternatively maybe a car wrap or black marker pen is another low-cost route to changing the color quickly and cheaply.

Please pray that God will send me a color change option or at least give me an easy swap for a full size Prius as soon as April or May when I get on the road to the east and Florida.

Also pray for opportunities to share the love and joy abound in my heart with everyone as I travel.

Finally pray God will open a career door for me as I travel in areas of strength in project, QA, support or training coordination and management, and areas to serve in travel, care, retail and hospitality.

Thank you faithful family, followers, Twitter and Facebook friends.

Please do offer your suggestions, and feedback thank you.

Love 💜


What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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