The Obedience of Faith by Norman Grubb

The Obedience of Faith
By Norman P. Grubb

On the same principle, if you’re a saved soul, you aren’t bothered about your sins. They’re replaced. You don’t say, “I’m a sinner.” You were a sinner. That doesn’t bother you. You’ll glory in the fact that you were a sinner. You’re righteous as Christ is righteous now. Your sins have disappeared in the blood of Christ. So you don’t see the sin question anymore, except to rejoice that you’re a sinner saved by grace. And you see yourself as perfect in God’s sight as Jesus is perfect. So you see, on the salvation level you come positive. You’re not negative about you’re a sinner going to hell. You’re not bothered about that. That negative’s gone from you. Been replaced by the positive which is Christ in you as a Saviour, or for you as a Saviour. 

Now this other’s the same. And as sure as it settles into me that I don’t bother again about my sins because I see myself in Christ, righteous as He is righteous and so on. So I don’t bother about my self anymore when the other one is there because my self now has become a Christ-self. I’m 
just living as a free person and being myself. And that means following my motives, doing my will, making my choices, and doing what I like. I never waste my time to ask for guidance. I’m a guided person. I just do the next thing. It’s much more fun. There might come occasions when there’s some crisis you’re not certain about. Then you can wait. There might come bigger occasions. Then you’ll say, “Oh, all right, Lord, I’m not quite certain on that.” All right then, you don’t say, “I shouldn’t be uncertain.” You aren’t meant to be certain. That’s what you take from God. “You don’t mean me to be certain. All right, I’ll just wait til you do make me certain.”  

Then you’re back on you, and you say, “Oh, you don’t mean me to know. You mean me to remain ignorant. All right, I’ll remain ignorant until you make me knowledgeable.” There is, as I said, temptations, on this level because when temptation arises it becomes adventure. That’s all we say, when we change from the “kid’s prayer” (which is the Lord’s prayer) to James’ affirmation.  
James is a top man. James works with John. He’s top man. He shows you God worked out in life. He talks from the union, not to the union. Paul takes you to the union; John and James talk to you from the union. He talks top stuff. And his top stuff is this, “Your whole life is going to be a bunch of temptations. Bless you. Your whole life is going to be crowded up with temptations and trials.” 

Whew! Awful fellow. He starts his whole letter off, “My brethren, count it all joy that we’re going to have plenty of trials . . . We’ll count them joy. That’s all you’ll ever get.” Because they’re your adventure. You cannot know a positive except through a negative. You must have a negative. We’re in a great educational period on earth when we’re mixed up with the negative. The negative is this self life, this fallen life, the negative life. 

That illustration I just brought about the lady who wrote me. We have vast ideas of love as sentiment. We’ve got it all wrong. Love isn’t soul, it’s spirit. Love is purpose, not feeling. We’ve got it all wrong. We think it’s emotional. It may express itself with an emotion or it may not. That’s not love. Love is purpose. Love is “I will, I will, I will.” That’s love. I will lay my life for Jesus Christ. I may feel I don’t want to do it a bit. I may be doing it for somebody I can’t personally stand but I do it. That’s a love which gives itself for those to whom I’m related, whoever they may be. Now what I mean is this, you only find out love’s like that when you have the enemy to love. Seem love’s dicey-picey when they’re nice people. Jesus said, “Anybody can love their friends.” Anyone can love their friends. 

It’s the other-love we’ve entered. Jesus loves your enemies. So you don’t find out love while you’re, just, “Oh, we’re in lovely fellowship, oh how nice.” I’ll tell you, if somebody beats you up and you can’t stand them, now you’ve got an enemy. Now you haven’t got that sentimental love. That sentiment won’t do. You move back to divine love which loves anybody, doesn’t see enemies, sees the “enemy” only as a precious person you’re dying for, you’re living for, that you’re getting saved. That’s love.

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