Vessel, Branch, Slave, Wife by Norman Grubb

Norman P. Grubb

Notes from Norman

Vessel, Branch, Slave ,Wife
By Norman P. Grubb

I don’t know how I came quite suddenly to put these things together on “suffering” nor did I realize that it would have the larger effect than anything else the Mag has published from me. So I shall be grateful, because I always like enclosing something to new correspondents and usually those who don’t yet KNOW our TOTAL, and letters have to become epistles, and then I like enclosing something which isn’t just a quote from known authority, but just personal interpretation to fit the letter. So I shall be grateful. I have long been using the NO INDEPENDENT SELF ARTICLE, AND SOMEWHAT LARGER on Romans, which brought me such light and confirmation when after all these years I suddenly saw – blind that I had been -that our mighty authority Paul had said precisely that on no indep self in strongest terms in his vessel, branch, slave, wife illustrations – shouting at us all, and such strong evidence when I can say, If you don’t see it, deal with Paul! 

From Knight of Faith Volume II

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