A New Pentecost By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren

A New Pentecost By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren In 1973, the year John and I, along with Wade and Harriet Wearren moved into our new homes on Poplar Lane, I asked Norman Grubb if there was anyone else on the planet that he shared with, Paul's mystery of the gospel in Col.1:28 and Galatians... Continue Reading →

He Is Risen . . . In Us! by Gary Bonikowsky

Daily Thoughts He Is Risen . . . In Us! By Gary Bonikowsky Well, it's Holy Week again and, curiously, I don't feel any holier than I did last week as I look out upon the lingering snow. The scene is quite a contrast to last year, in which Holy Week found me driving back... Continue Reading →

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