Job lost his family too

During my time in Japan many have asked about my family and my wife. I tried my best to explain the events and circumstances that led to my wife deciding she didn’t want to carry on in our marriage. I was never going to initiate the process of divorce but she chose to. After the […]

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From faith to faith in a Prius

Since March 7th, I have been away in Japan on a mission trip again. But instead of being focused on the gospel, I have found my mind wandering more towards considering what form future nomadic life will take on. At first I thought the equity from the house sale would be enough for a tiny […]

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The Obedience of Faith 信仰の服従

Notes from Norman The Obedience of Faith By Norman P. Grubb ノーマンからのノート 信仰の服従 Norman P. Grubb著 But many still regard “Christ in me” as two. It looks like two. Christ in you, Christ in you. It should mean that you’re One, really. But it doesn’t always mean that because we’re so used to separation. We’re […]

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The Power of Love by Michael Curry

Hear again ‘Power of Love’ sermon at Harry and Meghan’s wedding @KensingtonRoyal by @PB_Curry #RoyalWedding2018 #HolySpirit #HolySpiritJesusChrist #Gospel God wash the world daily with the Holy Spirit that they are each touched by your #livinglove, Amen. “The Power of Love” by the Most Rev. Michael B Curry for The Marriage of HRH Prince Henry of Wales […]

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