A New Pentecost By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren

A New Pentecost By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren In 1973, the year John and I, along with Wade and Harriet Wearren moved into our new homes on Poplar Lane, I asked Norman Grubb if there was anyone else on the planet that he shared with, Paul's mystery of the gospel in Col.1:28 and Galatians... Continue Reading →

Reclaim Jesus

#HolySpirit have your way on earth in EVERY mind and heart, turn mankind back to the truth, let Jesus be lifted up and magnified in all the earth, amen. https://youtu.be/oheb3MplSHE

Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind by Tony Maden

Today's shows from our podcast - Holy Spirit Ethernet is here (the podcast show name changed a few times and might change again as the Spirit continues to fit me into the body but for now, Ethernet is the best description of who He is and how He works). Its the humor of God! Ether... Continue Reading →

The Power of Love by Michael Curry

Hear again 'Power of Love' sermon at Harry and Meghan's wedding @KensingtonRoyal by @PB_Curry #RoyalWedding2018 #HolySpirit #HolySpiritJesusChrist #Gospel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxVXerqLKw4&t=16m38s God wash the world daily with the Holy Spirit that they are each touched by your #livinglove, Amen. “The Power of Love” by the Most Rev. Michael B Curry for The Marriage of HRH Prince Henry of... Continue Reading →

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