F R E E D O M in Christ alone!

The Freedom CD  encouraged me when I was lost in the early days of my faith journey. It was to be found on United4Truth [dot] com, which sadly is no longer online. Thankfully many other saints around the world have it archived, and continue to share to encourage saints who come after us. The Lord is … Continue reading F R E E D O M in Christ alone!

Your Identity IN Christ

https://youtu.be/hsDQEb-qlyM The goal of this piece is to help people understand who God says they are through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Video created by Cleone that I found through our dear friends in Christ, Joe & Lydia Nickelson, currently in Virginia, who I met at my first kickstart in San Antonio TX March … Continue reading Your Identity IN Christ

Be doers of the word

For years, in the workplace I had been the person who managed the quality systems, created standards and processes, to make sure we had a system to produce repeatable products and services. As the quality manager, I was conditioned to make sure all products and services were delivered "right first time". So as a disciple, I thought … Continue reading Be doers of the word

Be Still My Soul by Joanne Hogg

Jo Hogg's album 'Into the light' has graced my digital music players for ten years.  This single album has been a constant companion reminding me always of God's grace and goodness towards his often wayward children of His greater family of which I am part. As my eyes grow weary as i type these words, … Continue reading Be Still My Soul by Joanne Hogg

Childhood music memory

https://youtu.be/-DJK7LJ_0yA I loved listening to Herb's album as a kid. Catchy rhythm and that trumpet. Even now hearing it thirty six years later amazing how music just takes you right back as if time didn't exist.

The Last Reformation

At the beginning of 2016 I asked God why I hadn't born much fruit in the kingdom since saying come into me in 2001. After all of my talk about Jesus over the years sure I've encouraged and equipped hundreds of saints in their daily walks and missions since then but I've never led one person to … Continue reading The Last Reformation