Only Time by Enya I found Only Time by Enya while searching for relaxing bath time music as I was thinking about my girlfriend finishing her work late into the evening at home. I pray she finds this song relaxing 😎 and enjoys a restful sleep 😴 😘 Who can say where the road goes Where the day … Continue reading Only Time by Enya

Let the Son Rise Screen grabs and video from Joe Niemand on YouTube The Spirit of God drew me to Joe's music in 2006 after watching the true story of Angus Buchanan in the movie "Faith Like Potatoes". You can hear other music from Joe on our music page

Hello Dolly by Tony Maden After a late night uploading archived Louisville reunion and Norman Grubb audio files to the cloud for ease of sharing, I got to bed in the wee hours and slept through till 11am, showered, then afterwards Hello Dolly started coming through my mouth in song. Almost daily the Lord reminds me of songs I … Continue reading Hello Dolly by Tony Maden