Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind by Tony Maden

Today’s shows from our podcast – Holy Spirit Ethernet is here (the podcast show name changed a few times and might change again as the Spirit continues to fit me into the body but for now, Ethernet is the best description of who He is and how He works). Its the humor of God!

Ether = invisible; Net = Network

So much has happened in just one week.

Now, the Holy Spirit answers before I’ve even finished my request exactly as the promise in Isaiah:

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

In this episode I sing a spontaneous song “You’ve got a phone call from above” and “heaven is your mind“.

That leads to sharing about the fact there is no separation between us and God. He’s not ‘out there’, or ‘up there’, and we ‘down here’ – thats a lie from the liar:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

Todays recording is a winding road journey with the Holy Spirit and if you choose to listen you can see how everything is connected.

Finally, I’m waiting on the Holy Spirit for flights/rail to join other members of the body of Christ in Japan to share the Gospel in June/July.

Its been an amazing ride.

Lord as usual pour out your Holy Spirit on all who listen.

(Sorry my usual backing track 'Kyoto" is missing from my testimony today because I haven't learned how to add it to recordings not made inside Anchor app).

Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 4

Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 4
By Norman P. Grubb

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Our problem is that we have become so accustomed in our old life to the self-activity of the self, that we carry it over to the new life, hardly noticing that we do so. As we repeatedly say, the new man is actually Christ in us, we are merely the hidden filaments through which His light shines out, the cup which holds the water; as nearly as possible we don’t count. We are ourselves conscious of this as we look in the face of our Beloved. We realize and recognize HIM as our life. Seeing Him, we just don’t see ourselves. In our inner consciousness He is the life of our lives. But at the same time, we are immersed, of necessity, in worldly activities which demand every form of self-activity, and constantly, equally of necessity, divert us from conscious Christ-reliance. Our problem is how to live, naturally and freely, normal lives which are yet at their roots Christ living in and through us, even when for many of our waking hours our direct attention is centred on mundane affairs; and how to recognize sensitively and quickly when the pressure or sudden impact of things is pulling us off-centre on to self-reliance. It is what the writer to the Hebrews called “the dividing asunder of soul and spirit”.

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Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 3 By Norman P. Grubb

Daily Thoughts

Self-Consciousness and Christ Consiousness-Part 3

By Norman P. Grubb

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Therefore, let us get it clear; we shall never in this life be free from a sense of self, as well as a realization of the indwelling Christ. We shall never, therefore, be free from temptation in a world that exists to tempt, nor be free from the daily necessity of vigilance and abiding. The chapter of triumphant living, Rom.8, significantly enough is the very chapter which warns against the subtleties of the surrounding flesh, and expresses our groaning amidst our rejoicing, as we long for the final redemption of the body, and are saved, not only by faith, but by hope.

For this reason, then, it is of utmost importance that we understand the exact relationship between the renewed self and the other Glorious Self, Christ Himself who dwells within. It is the hardest lesson we have to learn, and cannot be learned except in the hard way. Nothing but frequent and strong doses of the false activities of self can teach us this lesson. It is peculiarly subtle because it is now not a case of a troublesome bad self, but an anxious, frustrated, condemned good self; not good in the positive sense of being able to do good things, but good in the negative sense of wanting to do good and no longer wanting to do evil; a purified self, but though pure, still empty: just as a cup may be clean, but what really matters is the fluid it contains.

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