Oops and sorry

Dear Friends,

If you receive my posts by email you may have received a whole bunch of emails last night each describing part of my career history like my resume/cv.

I apologize that you got these all in one go. I thought that the notification system had been turned off for this batch of new posts. I switched off the social media notifications but completely forgot about all those who receive notifications by email.

My purpose of adding these posts was to create an opportunity for lessons learned during my career to be recalled, remembered, and re-examined in light of my born again single-eye seeing nowadays.

Thanks to my partner in time Sue for letting me know. Apologies again that you received so many email notifications in one day.



[image credit: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8914%5D

Christ as us

Christ as us 12/2013 – Present

Project Manager – Facilitator – Encourager – Integrator

I provide gentle end-user tech support for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, iPads, etc. running Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. I install, configure and troubleshoot laptops and technology devices prior to donating them to those who need basic digital life skills. I manage our ministry websites via word-press serving clients around the world with educational and thought provoking postings about faith and belief. I regularly record meetings, edit audio and video and share with our faith communities through social media. I also take care of our home, prepare meals, perform household cleaning, weekly laundry, bill payment, landscaping, and other house re-modelling projects. I drive seniors to doctors appointments and run errands.