F R E E D O M in Christ alone!

The Freedom CD  encouraged me when I was lost in the early days of my faith journey. It was to be found on United4Truth [dot] com, which sadly is no longer online. Thankfully many other saints around the world have it archived, and continue to share to encourage saints who come after us. The Lord is … Continue reading F R E E D O M in Christ alone!

He is not here

'He is not here' by David Heisler  He is not here: for he is risen …” Matt. 28.6   I suppose I could have entitled this “He is risen”. But, given the fact that today is Easter, you’re going to hear that all day.    But the point I am making is that wherever you … Continue reading He is not here

The Anna Approach by David Heisler

More and more, for my own understanding of things, I take the “Anna” approach -- I refer to “Anna” as in “Mister God this is Anna”. See how Anna broke things down to their simplest parts and ideas.  P.19 of “Mister God this is Anna”: The local parson talked with Anna, then age 5 or … Continue reading The Anna Approach by David Heisler

The Revival We Need

I first heard Keith Green in 2005 after watching an interview of Leonard Ravenhill. Leonard was a British chap who had moved to America to share the Gospel - Leonard was passionate about Jesus, prayer and obedience. The interview is nearly 2 hours long, but well worth watching. I have watched I don't know how … Continue reading The Revival We Need

The Heart of the Matter by Kenneth Copeland

"For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7 Too often we ask God to fix the problems around us when what He really wants to do is solve the problem within us. I did that myself for years … Continue reading The Heart of the Matter by Kenneth Copeland

Real Faith by Norman Grubb

I recently received and email from my dear friend Dee Dee in Texas.  Dee Dee has published many of Norman's talks compiled in books.  She was excited to share what she thought was the clearest explanation of faith from our Father in Faith, Norman Percy Grubb, and I for one agree! Norman shares his testimony … Continue reading Real Faith by Norman Grubb

God’s will or yours?

Psalm 103 - notice v18 "commandments to DO them" and v20 "DO His word" and v21 "Bless those who DO His pleasure" Matthew 6:10 YOUR kingdom come YOUR will be done Matthew 26:42 Jesus famous prayer at the moment of temptation.... V41 "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit is indeed willing … Continue reading God’s will or yours?

When persecution comes

While the persecution we recieve in America is nothing compared to that received in some cultures and other parts of the world, it still comes when we follow Jesus all the way to the cross, laying our lives down day by day. As Paul said we die daily. “"Blessed are you when others revile you … Continue reading When persecution comes

A Hidden Treasure

The sower soweth the word. Mark 4:14 Right now, at this very moment, you have hidden within you a treasure that can change the world. A treasure that can change a man's eternal destiny, that can take him to heaven and save him from hell. A treasure that can turn a person's poverty into prosperity, … Continue reading A Hidden Treasure