Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb

Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb and Commentary by Tony Maden The single woman who has gone through is the finest missionary on earth. Because she has suffered as we haven’t. You married men and women be careful of selfishness. I never like to see, in the company of two … Continue reading Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb

LOVE actually IS all around By intentional design, the law grabs you, sucks you in, frustrates you to the point of surrender  Then as you continue walking by faith, faultering thinking you are alone, with fear and trembling, YOU ARE NEVER NEVER alone. In due season you bear a massive harvest. The anointing turns you inside out like Anna … Continue reading LOVE actually IS all around

Godfather’s heart 💜 casts out all fear

This post below reminds me of yin and yang, and gemini twins.. perhaps that is why I live and breath from Father's heart with a big heart for all people nowadays - Perfect love casts out ALL fear - its the open heart of people at The Church of the Resurrection Leawood that I sense … Continue reading Godfather’s heart 💜 casts out all fear

Job lost his family too

During my time in Japan many have asked about my family and my wife. I tried my best to explain the events and circumstances that led to my wife deciding she didn't want to carry on in our marriage. I was never going to initiate the process of divorce but she chose to. After the … Continue reading Job lost his family too

From faith to faith in a Prius Since March 7th, I have been away in Japan on a mission trip again. But instead of being focused on the gospel, I have found my mind wandering more towards considering what form future nomadic life will take on. At first I thought the equity from the house sale would be enough for a … Continue reading From faith to faith in a Prius

Just an illusion It could be that it's just an illusion #fx - what you see with your senses isn't the reality you so easily accept - as Norman Grubb said something like "we are seethroughers not see atters"

Heartbroken 3/11/11 but sent

3/11/11 was the day I was heartbroken for the Japanese people with the Tsunami impacting Sendai & Fukushima. While at my last job I was frantic wanting to go help. 8 years later I'm in Japan on my 2nd mission trip in 9 months to encourage my Japanese family in sharing Gospel and starting house … Continue reading Heartbroken 3/11/11 but sent

Japan 2018 memories

Apple's photo app in the cloud makes these seemingly random movies of your digital media. This collection was offered tonight after a recent juggling of reloading my photo library, music library and an updated Apple TV on which you can watch the most amazing high-definition screen savers that appear after a few minutes on your … Continue reading Japan 2018 memories

Seasons Greetings and a Joy-filled New Year

Seasons Greetings and a Joy-filled New Year Thank you to everyone and anyone who chosen to follow us or subscribe to our communication. I have not said often enough how much I appreciate a like or comment on our blog as we share Christ's life in and as us. Thank You 🙏 ❤️ Since 2015 … Continue reading Seasons Greetings and a Joy-filled New Year