Who is this Jesus Christ?

Have you ever heard the Gospel about Jesus?

Or did you hear it but never really understood it?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. (Romans 1:16)

The Gospel of Christ Jesus


“And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:38‬ ‭ESV‬‬

The outline has been replicated many times now by Torben Sondergaard’s disciple’s Ilze and Reino Esterhuyse who Esterhuyse led a teaching at the inaugural Acts 2 School in Vero Beach Florida in June 2016 demonstrated it to us, then this is what we copied and demonstrated back to students at the school with us.

The Holy Spirit sent me to Torben’s ministry aptly named The Last Reformation when I asked the Lord how I could be productive to bring in the harvest when at that time I could not clearly present the Gospel, nor could I heal the sick and raise the dead. After my first kickstart in San Antonio Texas on March 18-20, 2016, that soon changed. By my third kickstart in West Palm Beach Florida, I could replicate the gospel presentation and had then the advice of our sister Dina to make up a portable kit to carry everywhere. That kit is in my care and goes everywhere with me.


Ilze Sharing the Gospel with Cups, London 2015 [11m48s]

So as we’ve all heard the Gospel is good news of the new covenant we have in Jesus Christ. And with every covenant there is rules for us to enter into this covenant, so for the old covenant they had to be circumcised, with the new covenant we see repentance, baptism in water then baptism in the Holy Spirit, we have to be born of the Spirit and of water. What we do with new people is we start to explain the rules. So this is how we would start, by illustrating a game of two sides like chess or checkers, where there are two players, where each has a turn to move. So in the game of chess, YOU move, I move, YOU move, I move, YOU move, can I move twice? No, and the reason for that is that it is not my turn. What if I really, really, really wanted to move? I can still not move because I have to obey the rules. And it’s exactly the same with the Gospel. God really, really, really wants to save us. So what happened was MAN sinned, God saw that was not good so He MOVED by SENDING His Son Jesus Christ to pay for our sins; So whose move is it now? Ours. The moment you REPENT towards God, He gives you a new heart, the moment you are BAPTIZED IN WATER, He sets you free from sin, the moment you are set free, He gives you the Holy Spirit. God is never the problem. He is waiting for us. The moment we obey, He moves. That’s why the moment we step onto the streets, start preaching the Gospel, lay hands on the sick, He’s there and He moves. He is always there to confirm His Word. He doesn’t confirm people but He confirms His word. He’s always there to confirm His word. This is the rules about getting saved, about getting born again. So this is the Gospel, that in the beginning man was open towards God (show empty cup opening face up), they we put in the garden of Eden, in which there was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Pepper) and the tree of everlasting life (Salt) and God said because we were in an open relationship walking with Him, that we would eat from all the trees except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and what did they do, they ate of that tree (pick up Pepper), and the moment they ate of that tree they were closed to God (place cup opening down on table). They died spiritually and they were cut off from God. And now they do not have that open relationship with God. So they died Spiritually. And then God said He’d have to take them out of the garden lest they eat of the tree of eternal life and live in this fallen state forever in sin for all eternity. And eventually they died physically too, for the wages of sin is death. So they were removed from the garden. So they had children that stole, and killed, and murdered, and they had children that stole and murdered, and pretty soon the entire earth was filled with sin, wickedness and all kinds of evil. And God regretted that He made man. Now let’s look at sin. What we do as human beings is we compare ourselves with each other, I might look at someone else and say “I haven’t committed adultery, I’m not as bad as him” and “I haven’t murdered so I’m not as bad as him”, and “I’ve not told any really, really big lies, but I’ve told a few fibs and white lies, so I’m surely not as bad as that person”, but the thing is what we don’t realize is we are not committing sin against people, but we are committing sin against a Holy righteous judge [pointing to God the water jug]. Let’s look at sin another way, if I lie to a child, nothing is going to happen, I can pacify them with a piece of candy or a toy, there is absolutely no consequences; if I lie to my husband, I could sleep on the couch, or could end up getting divorced; if I lie to a judge in a court of law, I could end up with a fine or jail time, so we see the higher the authority of the person we are sinning against, even though it’s the same sin, the higher the consequence of what happens to us, so that is why if we tell a lie, God can throw us into hell yet still be perfectly righteous and perfectly just and perfectly good, because we are sinning against a Holy righteous God. So then God regretted that he made man, everyone was wiped from the face of the earth except Noah, and his family and pretty soon they started reproducing and we had more fallen people. As soon as they stepped off the ark, Noah got drunk, his son saw him naked, and the whole vicious cycle started again. But God had this plan right from the beginning to wipe out sin in man so He would never again wipe out the earth until He’s created the new man. So He sent Jesus the Son [hold one cup with opening upright], and Jesus was open to Him, He was completely perfect without sin, and when He was 30 years old He was baptized under water [show cup go below line of table], and when He came up He was filled with the Holy Spirit [fill up cup with water from God jug], and then he walked around preaching repentance, the kingdom of God, and He healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. When He was 33 He was crucified He died, went to Hell [down below table line], they rose up [lift cup us] and sits at the right hand of God [put at right side of God jug]. And He has now made a way for us to be born again, to be a new creation. So He says to us the first thing we must do is to REPENT as our realization that we have sinned towards a Holy and righteous God and we are guilty, and one day when we stand in front of Him all we will know is we are guilty, so we REPENT and we turn from our old way we ask for forgiveness for everything we have done wrong, then we put our faith in Jesus Christ for the finished work He has done on the cross. And it’s like putting on a parachute. If I put on a parachute, I put my faith in the parachute. So the moment I jump out of the airplane I don’t start flapping my arms trying to fly I just hold on for dear life and I trust this parachute and it’s the same with Jesus, we put our trust in Him in the finished work He did on the cross. So when we REPENT God takes out our stone heart [remove fingers from upturned cup] and gives us a new heart of flesh [put fingers back into upturned cup] and on this heart His laws are written. Our conscience used to be round, but now its sharp, and it’s not easy to sin anymore [insert own testimony of previous love for profanity, drinking, violent TV and music and now can not stand these things. What utter rubbish these song lyrics are that I used to listen to!] So God started the sanctification process and I got rid of the rubbish in my life. So this is what God does, we have a clean sharp conscience. His laws are written on our heart. But we still have this old body of sin that is a slave to sin, that is rotting away basically, and it will kill the new life within and that is why God said once we have repented we need to be buried with Christ, we go down with Christ, buried into His death, when we come, we are open to God, we are a new creation, and saved from our sin, when we come up we get the Holy Spirit, but we don’t get don’t just get a small Holy Spirit, because that’s what a lot of people think, you just get a little bit, you have to go to church every Sunday, and prayer group every Wednesday, and you have to pray for at least an hour every day, read your bible daily, and then as time progresses you’ll get a little more Holy Spirit, and a little more, and a little more, and eventually you’ll have enough that you can start healing the sick, and casting out demons, but this is not true, we actually get the whole Holy Spirit and He is a person, and you don’t just get an arm or a leg, you get all of Him, the same power of God, the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives inside of you, all of Him, and you have ALL the Spiritual blessings inside of you. Jesus said just like the Father has sent me, I now send you. So we start making disciple just like Jesus. So we go out like Jesus, we heal the sick, cast out demons, baptize, preach the Gospel and we start making disciples. We preach repentance, baptism in water, baptism in Holy Spirit, then we teach them to go out and doing exactly the same thing. So one day there is going to be a day when Jesus comes back and the goats will be separated from the sheep, the goats will be throw away, and we will be found in Him, will be able to reach out and take of the fruit of the tree of everlasting life, and we will be saved and be with Him for all eternity, and that is how we share the Gospel.


GO Harvest Missions

We are our Lord’s ambassador on earth. We continue the work started by Jesus the first of many sons. We bring on the Lord’s harvest.

I like simple teachings so this one-page Street Healing Training PDF from Fielding Cage at GO HARVEST MISSIONS below is my favorite because it’s simple. Anyone can meditate upon in the Spirit in less than an hour and get activated (as in go do the work as Jesus and apostles modeled):

Street Healing Training

This is just a basic training, but produces 95% results!
Miracle Awakening in All Believers, not a Gift. Disciples do what Jesus did. Fellowship w Jesus!
1 John 1:12, 1:16, 3:34, Romans 8:19,

Believe=Sons=His Fullness in you. Speak for God. Not a little Jesus in you, Spirit unlimited. Reveal to
world who you are. Everyone wants what you have. Waiting for a son of God to come set them free.
2 Isaiah 60:1, Eph 1:18-19, 3:19-20, 5:1

Wake up, sleeping giant, open eyes, inheritance=great power, Know His ability in you. Imitate God
3 Mark16:15-20, 1Cor2:4-5, Matt10:1,7-8

As you Go: 5x, not religious debate, Demonstrate Gods power love presence, Authority & Power over all
devils & sickness. Everywhere you go: heal, incurable, dead. freely give.
4 Matt 8:17, Matt 9:5, 1Peter 2:24

Easier to heal than to save, when healed they want to get saved. You were healed, purchased for all
2000 years ago the save as forgiveness, available for everyone anytime, Christmas gift. You do it too.
5 John10:10, Luke13:11,16, Acts10:38, 1John3:8

Devils, almost 1/2 of Jesus’ healing he cast out the devil. Every time he told us to heal, he also said Cast
out devils. Sickness is demonic oppression, spirit of infirmity. Jesus came to destroy devils work.
6 Colossians 2:15, Ephesians 3:10, Matt 28:18, Luke10:17

Evict the defeated devils. He can not rule this area any more. Enforce Gods will on earth as in Heaven.
Police: Badge of Authority & gun with power. You are light, as you Shine & bring life, darkness goes.
7 Luke 17:6, Mark 11:23, Romans 4:17, John 14:12

Faith as Mustard seed, Sickness Will Obey You. Doubt & fear is in your head but believe in heart =
action = results. Speak to problem to go, speak answer into existence. Believe in Him not in yourself=

Lay hands=obedience=faith=results. Fear or Solution. In Jesus name=in His place, not wifi password.
Don’t ask, Enforce! Short 15 seconds! Long=no faith. Release Power, donkey, angels, presence, watch
Intro: “I want to show you a miracle or “We are healing the sick or “What happened to your leg, arm…
ANY pain or sickness we will make it leave Right NOW! Where is your pain? How bad is it?
– ! Compassion ! – Lay a hand on their shoulder or hold their hand and say:
1- “Every pain & sickness go.”

2- “Every harassing spirit go. “

3- “Be healed in Jesus name.”

Move it Now. Bend, walk, twist. What is happening? What is different? If not perfect, again, Enforce.
Lead them into salvation.

To prove to you that Jesus really is in you now, Come with us, we will let you heal the next person.
Go tell what good things God’s done for you! Tell everyone!

Let’s Go Love Somebody!

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