Ricoh UK Products Ltd.


1985/7 Ricoh UK Assistant Plant Technician > Electrical Production Engineer

Initially hired as the assistant plant technician responsible within a small team to maintain the factory facilities, then promoted to Production to support start up of the sorter production. 1986 promoted to Production Engineer, sent to Japan to learn copier manufacturer process to start up Photocopier production in UK. I developed quality systems/processes with all UK/European suppliers, as well as line maintenance, troubleshooting, creating production guides, on-the-job training for production repair technicians. Ricoh repair technician certified.

Vacgen (VG Instruments Ltd.)

vacgenPanel 1984/5 Panel Wireman

VG Instruments Ltd manufactured gas analysis equipment. Wired and assembled the control panels. from reading blue prints. Performed mechanical assembly, using basic hand tools in a production environment. Read engineering drawings, including extensive and comprehensive Bills of Material. Safely managed the use of regulated power supplies and HiPot testers, and observed appropriate electrical safety procedures. Troubleshooted problems using Multimeter. My electrical assembly skills (experience) including reading schematic and point-to-point wiring diagrams making technically appropriate connections to electrical components based on the wiring diagrams.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

ministryofdefence-svg08 / 1980 – 08 / 1984
Apprentice Telecommunications Mechanic (Civilian)
Year 1: Basic Electrical Theory, Basic AC/DC Theory, DC Circuits, Batteries, Generators, Motors, AC Reactive Components, AC Power, AC Generators, AC Motors, Transformers. Test Instruments & Measuring Devices, Electrical Distribution Systems. Electronics, Bench Fitting, Machining. Year 2-4: Disassembly and reassembly of armoured personnel vehicles (APV), remote bomb disposal Tractors. Fault finding and repair of low and high power radios, cipher equipment, measurement equipment like avometers, oscilloscopes down to component level. Basic computer programming. Warehouse storage and disbursement processes.