Reap The Harvest in Your Midst

Jesus talking about the harvestOur Lord said ‘the harvest is great but the workers few‘ (in Luke and Matthew), and  John He said “Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

I never understood this the first few times I read it, but now I understand why (Read Parable of the Sower if, you have ears to hear).

Today’s recording is again spontaneous, completely unplanned by me, but orchestrated by Father. I talked for an hour, non-stop, so be warned if you don’t want to listen. I tell of the goings on in me since I have been activated about a month ago with clarity as to my purposes.

To borrow from Dan Stone’s story “Dead not divorced” we are “broken bread and poured out wine for a hurting world“, and from David Heisler ‘we are the savior to our world‘ in his talk ‘Be Yourself – Be The Savior to Your World‘.

I was the dead sea, now,  I’m the Jordan river – rivers of living water flowing constantly.

His Majesty King Jesus’ Call up

Thank God for His birthing process on April 27, 2015

These last two weeks have been like I’ve been reborn in laser like clarity on my purpose, and His unction and power is driving me to live, and move and be in Christ. It’s like going from 0–60mph in 12 seconds.

Two weeks ago I had a whole week when I was in pain all week, incapable of functioning, let alone thinking about help others. Now two weeks on, my Lord has sent me 4 people to serve.

I heard the voice of Jesus say “Tony, do you want to keep working My work your way, or do My Work My Way?” I said “Of course Lord I want to work you way“. The Lord said to me “Well son, if you want to work for me, my soldiers and saints work by faith, not sight. That means I will not be depositing a pallet of money on your doorstep, and you will walk by faith, not sight. I never fail and always fulfill my promises. Do you accept My Mission for you?” Of I said immediately “Yes, Lord!”. The Lord said one last thing “Love one another like you love yourself, and just be your self, helping, being broken bread and poured out wine to those I send to you. Now go”

Our God…, no… Hmm, more like, my Lord, as we do not possess God, but we are His possession.

This recording is pure spontaneity.

How to use DropVox for voice recording

DropVox-ScreenYears ago, when our family first purchased iPhones, I started exploring voice recorder applications to replace my use of separate devices (like Olympus WS-110). I started using Griffin iTalk initially, but when I started having some reliability issues late last year, which I’m sure they have resolved by now, I moved to Alon Software’s Dictaphone and my favorite, DropVox .

A month ago, I started talking to fellow Fizzler David Bilbrey, who, like me, enjoys listening to podcasts. When we met recently we talked about starting a regular discussion about Permaculture, Sacred Economics, photography, coaching and accountability, but do all this as a live recording for later reflection, editing and publishing.

So I was showing David yesterday about DropVox and decided to make this quick video to demonstrate the workflow I use from my iPhone, through to DropBox then to titling in iTunes before publishing on Podbean. Enjoy!

Mentioned in this video:

Griffin iTalk Premium
Alon Dictaphone
DropVox / DropBox
Reflector to mirror image from iPhone to Macbook
Snagit for screen recording
Podbean for free/limited podcasting
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