Create training-on-the-fly with YouTube Capture

Short demonstration of how to use the IOS YouTube Capture application to record and upload video created on iPhone directly to your YouTube account as a method of capturing know-how to create a training video series.

How to make a mug of tea!

Simple demonstration of the power of video to show the steps involved in a process, to accomplish a specific task to defined standard (leave the teabag in the hot water for 3 minutes).

I remain surprised at how few organizations leverage video in their employee or volunteer on-boarding processes, or for transferring knowledge of complex or infrequently performed tasks.

1 Million Cups KC

1mcI enjoyed a follow up call with my mastermind buddy +Gary Auerbach yesterday, and once again Gary suggested I re-connect with 1 Million Cups, seen as he goes to his local weekly presentation too in Winchester Virginia area.

I’ve been many times before and always learned so much, connected to so many entrepreneurs in one phase or another of their startup. The environment is lively, conversational and connecting. I love it. But with the super cold weather of late, I wanted to work from home and avoid going out.

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