There Are Only Two Intercessors By Rees Howells

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There Are Only Two Intercessors

By Rees Howells

In intercession you must always allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in it. Everything of yourself, of your own life, must go if you are to be an intercessor, but you cannot give your life for others if it belongs to you. There are only two intercessors, the Saviour and the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit must have a body to pray and intercede through.

I have never done one thing in intercession without his telling me. Before God can disclose his will to you, you must be willing for his will to be done through you and pay the price. The strength of an intercession is the price paid for it. The Saviour placed the highest value on lost souls so that he was prepared even to die for them. That is why one soul is worth more than all the things of the world put together. I have never lost the consciousness that I was bought with the blood of the Saviour, and if he, who was perfect, was made sin for me, then I should regret it throughout eternity if I had been unwilling for the Holy Spirit to pay any price through me for others.

taken from The Intercession of Rees Howells by Doris Ruscoe.

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Strong by Faith By Norman P. Grubb

Daily Thoughts

Strong by Faith

By Norman P. Grubb

If we cast aside the suggestions of Satan, the delusions of our own feelings of separation, the sense of weakness and ignorance; if we boldly possess our possessions in Christ, draw the sword of the Spirit upon the deceiver, declare by God’s word that we are one with Christ and with one another, one mystic organism, with one divine life flowing in and through all; then we are strong by faith, for His strength is in us; we are wise for His wisdom is ours; we have love, joy or any other needed grace of the Spirit, for we are permeated with Him. All we need to do is to go forward in this faith, and we shall find that what is true in the realm of the Spirit becomes manifest, through our faith, in the realm of the senses.

Norman Grubb- Touching the Invisible

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Judge Not By George Macdonald

Daily Thoughts

Judge Not
By George Macdonald

The Gospels contain what the Apostles preached — the Epistles, what they wrote after the preaching. And until we understand the Gospel, the good news about our brother-king — until we understand Him, until we have His Spirit, promised so freely to them that ask it — all the Epistles, the words of men who were full of Him, and wrote out of that fullness, who loved Him so utterly that by that very love they were lifted into the air of pure reason and right, and would die for Him, without two thoughts about it, in the very simplicity of no choice — the Letters, I say, of such men are to us a sealed book. Until we love the Lord so as to do what He tells us, we have no right to an opinion about what one of those men meant; for all they wrote is about things beyond us. The simplest woman who tries not to judge her neighbor, or not to be anxious for the morrow, will better know what is best to know, than the best-read bishop without that one simple outgoing of his highest nature in the effort to do the will of Him who thus spoke.

George Macdonald, Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood

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