Equipping the Saints

Walk in your destiny, your true identity, Christ as YOU!

Over the years the Lord has always used me as a mixer and facilitator of encouraging people to work together toward a common purpose, He always encouraged me to broaden my input, avoid the ‘silo‘ mindset and “us and them” thinking and avoid denominations. So as I started being obedient to God’s command via The Last Reformation movement, through whom the Lord has activated me (March 2016) as a branch of healing, baptism and preaching the gospel, I am to also look to others who are doing similar work, and would help me learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit living presence in me as me, and while doing so encourage all saints to broaden their understanding to the many ways the Holy Spirit is working throughout the world today.

This year I joined Youth With A Mission Kansas City (YWAM KC) on Global Outreach Day, and learned this simple 3 step training as one method to approach people on the street to start a conversation [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3] – Add the date to your calendar now for 2017.

Tom Fischer was my first port of call the Lord directed my attention to. Tom is a regular guy who is obedient to God’s word and helped me see that this lifestyle of healing was for any born again Christian.

Next was Mark Marx and Healing On The Streets (HOTS)

The Last Reformation (TLR) Full Kickstart Online recorded in Dublin by Torben Sondergaard

Watch The Last Reformation: The Life movie, ask the Holy Spirit to open you inner eyes and heart to receive what He has for you through it

And the latest testimony movie: The Last Reformation: The Life

The Holy Spirit spoke to you while you watched the movie, so you can get kickstarted into the life of the Apostles in the Book of Acts, watch the Kickstart event below, and watch the Pioneer training school online for free here.


I attended a month long experience at the Acts 2 School in Vero Beach Florida hosted by Don and Rosanne Blizard. During this time we lived out Acts 2 throughout the month, working, eating and serving one another in between visiting the local malls and beaches sharing the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing people. This is the Book of Acts in our time.

While at the Acts 2 School I met Fielding and Carla Cage of GO Harvest Missions who take you to the streets in South America and walk as Jesus walked every day, no special events, just every day ministry

Reino and Ilze Eysterhuse are disciples of Christ who got started at the TLR Pioneer Training School in Denmark who have gone on to encourage many including myself (while I attended Acts 2 School) and help start other PTS around the world.

John G. Lake Ministries (JGLM) Divine Healing Technician (DHT) by Curry Blake

Pete Cabrera Jr and Paul Brown at Royal Family International (who are now based in Hutchinson, KS)

Dan Mohler who led Todd White to Christ

Lifestyle Christisnity by Todd White

For more resources like these, visit this excellent site in CZ.

Christ As Us site front page
Christ As Us site front page


The site Christ as us is where I arrived in 2006, when I thirst to know union with Christ. Christ as us, the hope of glory (Col 1:27), says that by God’s Holy Spirit, Christ lives in us, not that ‘we’ are sitting on the fence (we in fact are dead, Gal 2:20), our spirit is in union with God’s Holy Spirit, the helper, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave, that lives in you and me.

The Christ as us ministry got started through missionary statesman Norman Percy Grubb. Norman said it was his last intercession for the body of Christ, that everyone would know their true identity in Christ, as Christ.

Norman Percy Grubb
Norman Percy Grubb


I hope and pray these ministries liberate you as they have me, so that you walk as Jesus walked – as He is so are we in this world (1 John 4:17).