Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind by Tony Maden

Today's shows from our podcast - Holy Spirit Ethernet is here (the podcast show name changed a few times and might change again as the Spirit continues to fit me into the body but for now, Ethernet is the best description of who He is and how He works). Its the humor of God! Ether... Continue Reading →

Faith, Norman Grubb, CT Studd

Today I give some background as to how I know Norman Grubb through another British missionary and street preacher Leonard Ravenhill, how I came across him and how the Lord lead me out of social-club style denominational Christianity towards truth and freedom of Christ as us. I include readings on Faith from ‘Summit Living’ selected... Continue Reading →

Body, Soul, and Spirit Understanding

Over the years, Sue and I have tripped up time and time again in our marriage and relationships because our understanding of the body, soul, and spirit remained unclear. Often our soul life ruled the roost. We had read Norman Grubb and Jesse Penn Lewis before, but it didn't seem clear to me/us. Last night the Lord wanted us... Continue Reading →

Paul’s caution, blessing and prayer of praise

PAUL'S CAUTION, BLESSING, and PRAYER OF PRAISE (ROMANS 16:17-27)The Word Today is PAUL'S CAUTION, BLESSING, and PRAYER OF PRAISE (ROMANS 16:17-27) Lord thank you for so many blessings and strength to do the work you caused me (Ezekiel 36:27) to do yesterday. Thank you for remembering CHIP INGRAM  and  Living on the Edge and GLENN... Continue Reading →

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