Dead to sin not just divorced from it

Dan Stone explains in this audio recording I’ve been listening to since 2006 is still the best thing since buttered bread. Dan explains we are dead to sin not just divorced from it. This recording was a bright light to me 12 years ago when I yearned to experience the union Jesus described in John … Continue reading Dead to sin not just divorced from it

Living Water by Linda Bunting

Living Water By Linda Bunting The body of Christ is thirsty; almost dehydrated from not knowing where to find the living water that Jesus refers to when speaking to the woman at the well.  When he tells her he has water she may drink of and never thirst again, she immediately says; BUT ... "I … Continue reading Living Water by Linda Bunting

Permanent Abiding by Hudson Taylor

Permanent Abiding By Hudson Taylor The Spirit of God revealed to me the truth of our oneness with Jesus as I had never known it before. As I read, I saw it all! "If we believe not, he abideth faithful." I looked to Jesus and saw (and when I saw, oh, how joy flowed)! That … Continue reading Permanent Abiding by Hudson Taylor

Lost but found

I love ❤️ the Holy Spirit and how He leads us, and teaches us ALL things (1 John 2:27). This is my aging yet reliable @lumix G3 that was missing but now found by HS leading through @suemaden - I am grateful to have the constant availability of the capacity to record my testimony almost … Continue reading Lost but found

Refuse False Condemnations By Norman P. Grubb

Daily Thoughts Refuse False Condemnations By Norman P. Grubb Secret of all secrets: It is not how we keep hold of Him that can slip, but He has taken such a tight hold of us, and so joined Himself to us - Spirit with spirit - that His union with us remains a fact no … Continue reading Refuse False Condemnations By Norman P. Grubb

Eternal Superiority by Norman Grubb

Daily Thoughts Eternal Superiority By Norman P. Grubb The tragedy of humanity is that we are created inferior and we try to make ourselves out as superior. That’s where all break downs come from. We all have the inferiority complex and we try to make out that we have the superiority. When I recognize that … Continue reading Eternal Superiority by Norman Grubb

The Power of Love by Michael Curry

Hear again 'Power of Love' sermon at Harry and Meghan's wedding @KensingtonRoyal by @PB_Curry #RoyalWedding2018 #HolySpirit #HolySpiritJesusChrist #Gospel God wash the world daily with the Holy Spirit that they are each touched by your #livinglove, Amen. “The Power of Love” by the Most Rev. Michael B Curry for The Marriage of HRH Prince Henry of … Continue reading The Power of Love by Michael Curry

Faith, Norman Grubb, CT Studd

Today I give some background as to how I know Norman Grubb through another British missionary and street preacher Leonard Ravenhill, how I came across him and how the Lord lead me out of social-club style denominational Christianity towards truth and freedom of Christ as us. I include readings on Faith from ‘Summit Living’ selected … Continue reading Faith, Norman Grubb, CT Studd

20th Anniversary of Norman Grubb’s Home-going By Friends of Norman

Daily Thoughts 20th Anniversary of Norman Grubb's Homegoing By Friends of Norman It was twenty years ago today that Norman Percy Grubb heard God's 'Home Call'. Norman's last words..."Abba Father." This is the letter we sent out announcing his death and memorial service held at Linda and John Bunting's the following September. NORMAN P. GRUBB … Continue reading 20th Anniversary of Norman Grubb’s Home-going By Friends of Norman