Eternal Superiority by Norman Grubb

Daily Thoughts Eternal Superiority By Norman P. Grubb The tragedy of humanity is that we are created inferior and we try to make ourselves out as superior. That’s where all break downs come from. We all have the inferiority complex and we try to make out that we have the superiority. When I recognize that … Continue reading Eternal Superiority by Norman Grubb

Faith, Norman Grubb, CT Studd

Today I give some background as to how I know Norman Grubb through another British missionary and street preacher Leonard Ravenhill, how I came across him and how the Lord lead me out of social-club style denominational Christianity towards truth and freedom of Christ as us. I include readings on Faith from ‘Summit Living’ selected … Continue reading Faith, Norman Grubb, CT Studd

Don’t You know I have power to crucify or release You?

Simple as This By Norman P. Grubb SPEAKING THE WORD OF FAITH  The royalty is our enthronement. "God, who is rich in grace... hath quickened us together with Christ... hath raised us up together, and made us sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus...far above all principality, and power, and might." (Eph. 2: 4-6, 1:21) … Continue reading Don’t You know I have power to crucify or release You?

Seeing Single by Norman P. Grubb

Speaking of Job getting "settled in God" he says:  "You come to the fact that this is a settled fact in life. It evidently wasn't quite a settled fact yet in Job because he could be unsettled. You see, if you are really settled in God, you are not unsettled again. You can momentarily but … Continue reading Seeing Single by Norman P. Grubb

God ONLY! by Norman P. Grubb

Just keep on the single path. There is nothing but God-in-love, whether appearances are evil or good. HE ONLY is in all of them. Here is the secret. Thru the Fall we got a divided outlook and see two powers, good and evil, but back in Christ and Christ Universal, we see ONLY ONE, even … Continue reading God ONLY! by Norman P. Grubb

Body, Soul, and Spirit Understanding

Over the years, Sue and I have tripped up time and time again in our marriage and relationships because our understanding of the body, soul, and spirit remained unclear. Often our soul life ruled the roost. We had read Norman Grubb and Jesse Penn Lewis before, but it didn't seem clear to me/us. Last night the Lord wanted us … Continue reading Body, Soul, and Spirit Understanding