The Power of Love by Michael Curry

Hear again 'Power of Love' sermon at Harry and Meghan's wedding @KensingtonRoyal by @PB_Curry #RoyalWedding2018 #HolySpirit #HolySpiritJesusChrist #Gospel God wash the world daily with the Holy Spirit that they are each touched by your #livinglove, Amen. “The Power of Love” by the Most Rev. Michael B Curry for The Marriage of HRH Prince Henry of... Continue Reading →

The Obedience of Faith by Norman Grubb

And, the temptations that come, they’re just good exercise. Your temptations become your adventure because your temptations give you new proofs of what God is. The pullings tempt you to act as if you’re not God. See when I’m in the union I’m not I but Christ. Precisely how Paul says it, “I don’t live,... Continue Reading →

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